Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Tattoo(s) ...

Valentine's day was last week. I have/ had this tattoo of a previous girl friends name on my back, that i had gotten quite a few valentines day ago. Although she never said anything to the affirmative, i got the feeling, anu didn't like it too much.

I had decided a few years back, that i wouldn't get it erased. The tattoo, like the girl friend had caused me a some pain, and heck, what was the point of getting a permanent tattoo, if I was only going to have if erased.

Moving on from a relationship is very hard. I used to bump into this ex, a few times, and our break up was on very good terms, only when i would see her, i would get this rush of all the good times we'd had, and for subsequent weeks, when ever i saw the tattoo, I'd get reminded of her.

It was a great help, that the tattoo was on my back, and So was not usually in my line of sight. Someone or the other would point to it, when they did see it, and i would have to explain, who she was, and relive the painful break up story.

I never felt the same way about women for sometime after. In fact, why anu puts up with me sometimes is a question that baffles a lot of people. I never thought after the heart break that i'd truly ever "LOVE".

Call it early onset of mid life crisis, but recently, I have been taking stock of my life. I quit smoking, and am making a few changes to feel and be healthy. In that spirit, I decided that I don't need reminders of past relationship pains.

So here is my new tattoo, a symbol of a new beginning.

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