Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Buzz Killer ...

Do you know how internet sites make money ?

They rely on traffic, users coming to their sites so that they can pawn off lucrative real estate on their websites, to advertisers, who will pay, sometimes obscenely large sums of money, depending on the demographic of users who visit your site.

Enter Google Buzz.

Its just like twitter, only you can do a lot more. You can link with youtube, blogger, picasa, and a whole lot of other sites. only you videos or blogs will show up, in their entirety as a Buzz. Its a great Idea right ?

So you have a youtube channel, or a blog that a lot of people read. YOU have adsense or some other advertising program. It seems like a great way to get eyeballs. Only your entire content is hijacked ( Stolen) by the great non- evil doer GOOGLE.

poeple reading you post or seeing your video on Buzz ( i don't know if you can do that yet ) have no reason to visit your page. They get access to your content, in this case your blog or video, and can like, and comment, much like the actual site.

Only the author, looses revenue because eyeballs on the actual site is less. It is more convenient for gmail users to check their Buzz. So far all the sites that are buzz enabled are google sites. So Google may not care if youtube or blogger gets a few million hits less as long as gmail / buzz gets those hits, but there is no incentive for independent sites to integrate with buzz.

I wouldn't be ranting about this if there wasn't a certain allure or degree of convenience to buzz. Publish a blog post, and automatically have people who follow you be notified. Upload a photo album and have all your friends see it. Google however has to find a way to share revenue, so that sites like Myspace and Facebook can integrate with buzz and then we can truly have some fun.

I don't Still LOVE buzz, but i'm getting there ... :D

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