Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reason to Quit .

I have / had been an avid smoker for about a decade. I just recently quit, and this time I plan to stay quit. A lot of my peeps find it hard to believe that I finally did it. ME, Smokey Smokerson Quit.

One dude even told me recently, (you know who you are) that When he comes to chennai next, and I still didn't smoke, he'd quit too. Now I am not offended. A lot of smokers quit. but very few stay quit. It is hard.

The only thing that keeps me going, is the fact that I am doing this for me. I didn't quit to please my spouse, or my parents or anybody else. I quit because I wanted to, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Now a number of things transpired in the recent past that made me realise it was time.

One was this whole No Smoking in Public places law. When i was smoking, this was the bane of my existence. Having to look over my shoulder to light up. Hiding my cigarette when i was on the road. Not that I, or anybody i knew ever got busted smoking on the road. The novelty lasted maybe a week, then we all started smoking anywhere we wanted, The road, The beach, outside the cinema. But there was this thought in the back of my head, that told me maybe, someone might object.

This Law also made it illegal to smoke in bars, and coffee shops. The joy of Drinking, and lighting up at the same time were stolen from us all.
It just didn't seem right. It was a sign. The universe was telling me to quit.

I started smoking early, and I smoked Navy cuts (Wills). When i started, they were 22 rs a pack. I must have smoked Wills ( Navy Cuts) for about 6-7 years. Eventually, as I started earning, I graduated to costlier brands. I smoked Kings (Gold flake) for sometime, before a couple friends of mine told me that I should switch to milds. Milds contained less nicotine, tar and other chemicals, and were healthier according to them.

I don't doubt this to be true. Milds did live up to their name.

what I didn't understand back then, was i was how nicotine addiction worked.

I was used to a certain amount of nicotine, and I wasn't getting my fix with milds. So I started smoking more. I was going thru one sometimes two 20's pack a day and before i knew it spending 100 to 150 a day on smokes.

If I think back to why i started smoking, I still can't put my finger on one solid reason. Maybe it was peer pressure, maybe i was a rebel, My dad smoked, and maybe i just wanted to be cool like him.

but there is only one reason to stop.

Don't put Harmful and Hazardous Chemicals into your body, and slowly kill yourself and people around you.



  1. Its great to know that you are gona quit for good and you are motivating others too..

    You are like a motivation for me to give up sweety things... Last night does not count.. :P Today i've been a good girl..

  2. "
    The only thing that keeps me going, is the fact that I am doing this for me.............I quit because I wanted to, and it makes all the difference in the world.

    As these lines lingering in mind, makes me also want to do something about or to quit something that i think does not fit in or is not OK with me....

    Thanks to you.... ^ _ ^

    On the whole, its a cool inspiring article with a taste of reality rather than theories explaining hazards of smoking...

    Hats off Abinav ^ _ ^