Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Allo Allo ...

At long Last, BBC entertainment has finally started telecasting Allo Allo. For those of you who don't have the slightest inkling of what I am talking about, It is a comedy that used to be part of the erstwhile english Star Plus's (when it still telecast English programs) British comedy line up.

This is the funniest british comedy barring Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister. (to be fair I haven't seen much of monty python).

Rene is the owner of a small tavern situated in a villiage in German occupied France during WWII. He just wants to survive the war. He is recruited by the resistance to hide 2 british airmen shot down by the Germans. A german Colonel siphons a painting ( the fallen madonna with the big b00bies ). The painting is coveted by the fuhrer himself and he sends a member of the gestapo to the village to find it. The colonel on learning about this gives the painting to Rene, and threatens to shoot him if he does not hide it.

Hilarity ensues as Rene skirts around trying to keep the gestapo at bay, and helping the resistance with the help of the German Colonel.

I m so glad BBC ent has started to telecast allo allo. Specially since they finished the Black adder series. Tv would truly be magical if they started telecasting Yes Minister.

Sure there are shows like modern family and Glee, that cater to laugh riots, but there is something truly nostalgic about these satirical comedies that deal with issues that are still relevant today.

What will this world be with satire,

Cheers ...

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