Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally ... Something to cheer...

its really early doors, but I decided sometime in dec that i would quit smoking. i wanted to quit as a new year resolution but i couldn't manage because, i was in kerala, smoking malboros, and my last cigarette was not going to be A MALBORO. NO SIR EEE BOB ...

So then i thought i'd just quit on anu's birthday. You know the cheapest gift routine, :D happy birthday baby. See i quit smoking for YOU ... but quitting as i am finding out now ... takes huge commitment.

So i finally did it. My last cigarette was a Classic Mild. and my last smoke was on my birthday. I gave me the gift of time :) ...

The bitch about quitting is, when you're a smoker, you have a lot of friends who are smokers, and sitting around people smoking isn't conducive to quitting :D ... Also i have been super irritable, so if i snapped at you (which will probably only apply to anu) I am sorry. The good news is in a couple weeks, i will be withdrawal symptoms free and cheerful as ever.

So here's to not smoking, Unless the world is going to end .... !!!


  1. I will join you soon.. Very very soon..

  2. Yoo bhai i have already quit it!!

  3. Awesome Abi... Any need of moral support give me a buzz... :)

  4. who knew that a decade plsu of smoking and i would have the worst throat ache after i quit ... :D